Detail organic Shrimps

- Species : Penaeus Vannamei
- Size (pcs/kg) : 20/30 to 100/120
- Net Weight : from 300g to 20kg
- Origin : Ecuador
- Freezing : Block, semi IQF, IQF
- Features : Raw, Cooked

DMD : 24 months after freezing

Organic shrimps are elaborated to comply dutifully with such demands as :

GMO-free food products
100% of food products and fertilizers resulting from organic farming

Standard for the conception and control of organic food products :
Fish meal (max 20%)
Proteins (max 25% of shrimp)
Food conversion rate (less than 0.8 shrimp)
No use of antibiotics or growth hormones
No use of pesticides or chemicals

Restrictions on energy consumption

Intensive Monitoring of the impact on the environment

Reforestation and protection of natural flora

Management and production practices in accordance with the principles of organic aquaculture.